Dr. Mike Loosemore in the media

Dr. Mike Loosemore in the media

Published on 24/06/2014

Daily Mail

Dr Loosemore’s recently been talking about low activity on good health. Today’s Mail shows how activity avoids the recurrence of poor health.

The Independent

Dr Mike Loosemore advocates that even low-active movement can make a difference to long-term health

Daily Express

expressDr Mike Loosemore demonstrates how small movements accumulated over a long period can have a startling effect on our calorie usage

‘Standing up 3 hours a day has the same health benefits as running 10 marathons…’

The Daily Telegraph

To Dr Mike Loosemore, every movement, however small, is still an active one that can improve your health and well-being.

‘Low-level activity, even regularly getting off your seat, can change your life forever.’

Daily Mail

Being active is not about jogging or gym sessions, but introducing some movement into
one’s daily routine, says Dr Loosemore

‘Becoming physically active does require fitness regimes, just
more movement.’

‘It’s not about tracksuits and trainers, it’s just adding a little bit of activity.