Health at Home

16th June 2020 | Active News

Active Movement has worked closely with Slough Borough Council in the development of a unique behaviour change programme for those who suddenly found themselves isolated in their own home for lengthy periods. Health at Home was designed to reduce sitting and increase moving as part of this new indoor life. The programme included support for […]

Active Office in Slough Borough Council

16th June 2020 | Active News

The first year of the Active Office programme across the three main offices of Slough Borough Council is approaching the end of its first year and the evaluations processes are about to begin. The programme is part of the range of Active Movement behaviour change initiatives, in this instance designed to improve employee health by […]

Health and Wellbeing Service in Slough

16th June 2020 | Active News

Active Movement are delighted to become a key supplier in the new service for Slough residents. It has been created to enable more people to access the many lifestyle services now available. Active Movement’s main support is for behaviour change in a variety of areas of daily life and across a wide range of different […]

Active Movement by numbers

22nd November 2016 | Active News

When designing the programme Dr Mike Loosemore was very clear about the evaluation processes behind it. As both medical innovator and scientist, he recognised that without substantial evidence as support, the programme could not have the wide appeal it merits.

Spire Healthcare Update

8th July 2015 | Active NewsBlog Articles

We are entering into the second week of our 12 month programme and already participants are adding their own movement ideas. Communication around the office is educating and inspiring non-sedentary behaviour and low-level activity. As one staff member confessed “I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable sitting down too much.”