The Active Movement System

Changing behaviour as radical as reducing sitting time requires more than a series of guidelines or range of exercises. Participants need a rationale for making change; empathy to integrate the change; time enough to embed change; support to maintain the change; and evidence that change is making a difference.

The Active Movement system is a templated approach designed to adapt to the specific needs of those in an office or at home irrespective of gender type, ethnicity, geography, social background or physical prowess.

Most importantly, it has been created to be integrated into routine without disruption, compromising time, embarrassing individuals, pressuring participation or affecting daily performance.

The objectives are consistent though will vary depending on the project

  • To educate participants about the benefits of reducing sedentary behaviour and adding low level activity to daily routine
  • To inspire participants to integrate more moving and less sitting
  • To empower every participant to make a difference to their long-term well-being
  • To affect long-term change

In each case, the Active Movement system includes

  • A client review (individual or office) to shape the most relevant programme
  • Templated timing plan for easy reference
  • Detailed training and information support
  • A range of creative resource to match the location
  • Ongoing communication and visit programmes
  • Evaluation and review
  • Regular service line