How changing our sedentary behaviour can inspire our lives

The Dangers Of Sitting

Our sedentary lifestyles are doing us terrible harm. After just 20 minutes of sitting, our bodies begin to shut down yet the average office worker spends over 6 hours each day at their desk.

Sitting down is now recognised as a separate health risk to lack of exercise and can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and even some cancers.

The Active Movement Effect

The evidence is overwhelming. Standing and moving more regularly increases energy levels, focus, creativity and productivity. It stops the effects of sedentary behaviour so improving your long-term health.

It uses calories too. If you just stand up for 3 hours of an 8 hour day normally spent sitting down you will use in a working year over 31000 calories. And on average live 2 years longer.

The Active Movement System

The Active Movement System is a unique approach to activity. Its multi-layered programme is designed to integrate standing often, moving more and sitting less into your daily routine. Not as an exercise regime, but as a behaviour change to benefit you in the long-term.

The system is specifically designed to adapt to the needs and lifestyle of the audience it inspires. For more details, go to Active System.

Active Videos

Professor Mike Loosemore MBE, co-founder of Active Movement

Professor Mike Loosemore MBE MBBS MSc FFSEM (UK)

Getting adults to be more active has always been important. Yet despite a huge investment of money and time by government, local authorities, health organisations and wellbeing providers, millions still fail to achieve Public Health England’s recommendations of just 30 minutes activity a day.

Technology and labour-saving devices have reduced our activity levels. Our busy lives can make finding spare time difficult. And many of us are not capable of, or interested in, exercise. And now we know that extended sitting is a separate health risk from lack of fitness.

This is our new health opportunity. Standing up and adding even a little activity to our lives can have huge benefits if these simple changes become routine. But this is not just an exercise regime. This is about behaviour change.

That is why I co-created Active Movement. It is an effective way to change our active behaviour today to improve our wellbeing for a lifetime. You see, I believe every move you make is an active one.

Active Literature

The Active Movement Programme For Children

Every element of Active Movement programmes is designed to be empathetic with the audiences it inspires.

Download the brochure (PDF)

The Active Movement Programme For Business

Active Movement aims to reduce your sedentary behaviour and add low-level activity to your life.

Download the brochure (PDF)

Active News

We’re a Get Berkshire Active Lockdown Hero!

We are delighted to have been recognised for helping those affected by lockdown to sit less and move more. Our Health at Home programme was a special evolution of the Active Movement concept, and we are pleased that it was able to positively support so many people.

Health at Home

Active Movement has worked closely with Slough Borough Council in the development of a unique behaviour change programme for those who suddenly found themselves isolated in their own home for lengthy periods. Health at Home was designed to reduce sitting and increase moving as part of this new indoor life. The programme included support for […]

Active Office in Slough Borough Council

The first year of the Active Office programme across the three main offices of Slough Borough Council is approaching the end of its first year and the evaluations processes are about to begin. The programme is part of the range of Active Movement behaviour change initiatives, in this instance designed to improve employee health by […]