"It's easy to think it’s about what you do in the office, but it actually changes your perspective on everyday life, forever."

NHS office administrator

Active Movement in the workplace

In a recent survey of 2000 office workers. 45% of men and 37% of women walk less than 30 minutes a day at work. 38% email colleagues next to them, whilst 31% actually avoid going to the loo rather than leave their desk. Over half eat at their desk, so it no wonder the average sedentary time is over 6 hours every day.

The Active Movement programme changes this behaviour. In three phases of support over up to 12 months, we educate and inspire participants to become not only less sedentary and more active, but develop a different mindset that will affect their long-term well-being and way of life.

The business changes too. The programme impacts on people’s health, energy levels, creativity, productivity, morale and team spirit. Job satisfaction is increased whilst absenteeism, presenteeism and stress are all reduced.

Active Movement is not your usual Corporate Wellness programme setting demanding criteria for the committed few, but a way of involving all to benefit their emotional and physical well-being.

Active Movement is your business

Every business is different. Every location has different challenges. Office practices, the company style, the profile of your people, the internal layouts even the way staff are appraised and reviewed will be unique to you and your staff.

Although much of the Active Movement System is templated, it is also designed to be tailored to fit your business.

Our research has shown that the more empathetic the programme with the participants and their surroundings, the greater the commitment and the more powerful the effect.

The Active Movement System means a review of your company and its premises before we begin. We work with members of your staff. We supply communication to create an active environment. We stay in weekly contact and visit throughout the 6 month programme. And we evaluate and review the programme to share with you its powerful effect.

Case Studies

University College London Hospitals

Active Movement, was recently tested in the Orthopaedics administrative department of UCLH with staggering results. Reduction in sedentary behaviour has been complemented by increase in activity in the office and at home. Self-esteem, personal responsibility for well-being and commitment to health have all increased, as have energy levels, productivity and team morale.

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Jamie Oliver Group

Its founder is all you need to know about his company. Committed to changing behaviour when it comes to healthy eating whether adult or schoolchild; pioneering in the approach to nutrition and diet; and empathetic to the many audiences to whom he appeals.

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