Many people spend a great deal of time at home. This could be the nature of their work or because they are looking after loved ones. It could be they are recovering from illness or looking for employment. Or simply because they have no-one to visit or no need to go out.

Staying at home a great deal is likely to mean less activity and a lot more sitting down. The effects of such prolonged sitting are now well-understood. There is greater chance of obesity, diabetes and heart disease along with the damaging effects on muscle, bone strength and even emotional wellbeing.

We also now know that changing this lifestyle can make a major improvement to your health!

Active Movement’s 12-week programme is designed to slowly get you used to standing and moving more. There is no intense physical activity, just simple ways to add a little more movement to your daily lives.

The Active Movement home programme comes with a clear guide, ways to make your home an Active Movement location, lots of colourful reminders and constant support by Active Movement to help you on your way.

To find out more about the Active Home Pack, contact Active Movement by emailing or call 07831 382529

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