Active Community

The Active Movement System is designed to be integrated into the lifestyle of different groups and different locations.

But it is more than that. Active Movement’s universal accessibility and easy implementation mean the experience can be shared by all. School children and their parents; individuals or families; local parks or local businesses – Active Movement is a means of improving health and well-being whatever your circumstance.

This is why we are developing an Active Community. In a single road there might be a doctor, dentist, gym, office block, retailers, care home, schools, nurseries and parkland. We want them all to benefit individually and collectively from Active Movement.

The Active Movement System enables doctors to educate patients; gyms to develop low-level activity hubs; offices to work alongside secondary schools; retailers to make the high street more active and promote healthy choices; schools to be active together; the entire community to create park walks.

This new concept is currently being tested in Slough. Look out for more information of this exciting initiative.