A programme based on the cumulative effects of minor movements over an extended timeframe

Power to the people

If you are like the majority of people, then you may not enjoy exercise or play competitive sport. Tracksuits , trainers, gyms or jogging will leave you cold. Perhaps you think you are too old, too heavy or too unfit to try any kind of activity. Or maybe you feel you are no longer physically able.

Active Movement ignores these concerns. No-one is excluded because it is not about fitness regimens or intense work-outs. Instead we focus on simple changes of behaviour that mean you sit less and just a little more activity. The Active Movement programme is accessible to all and achievable by anybody.

The power of Active Movement

As we learn more about the damage caused by our sedentary behaviour, so we have more evidence that small steps make the biggest difference. Standing up for 3 hours a day or more means you could live 2 years longer. Heart disease and cholesterol levels reduce. Energy levels, productivity even creativity rise.

Standing has all these effects on your mind and body at the same time. It can work your muscles and burn calories, too. 3 hours standing a day for a year has the same calorie usage as running 10 marathons!