A behaviour change programme to bring activity to your life for a lifetime

Active Movement for life

The powerful effect of activity on the elderly is well-understood. General well-being, physical mobility and mental sharpness are all associated with maintaining some physicality.

The transition from the strength and activity levels of middle age to the slowing down as we get older can often take many by surprise. Confidence, self-esteem, enthusiasm and motivation wane, even more so at the loss of a partner.

Whether at home or in a care residence, the Active Movement programme is designed to not only reduce sedentary behaviour but re-energise lives through increased movement and physicality.

Active Movement – the elderly community

As with the Active Movement for school programme, help and encouragement is a vital part of engaging and inspiring participation.

When working with care homes, Active Movement creates a support structure around the elderly. Care workers and relatives of residents are briefed on the programme. They are also given their own Active Movements to follow, so improving their own well-being as well as an acting as an induction into how they can best help those under their care.

This mutual involvement helps embed the programme and substantially improve its uptake.