Jamie Oliver Group

Its founder is all you need to know about his company. Committed to changing behaviour when it comes to healthy eating whether adult or schoolchild; pioneering in the approach to nutrition and diet; and empathetic to the many audiences to whom he appeals.

The Active Movement programme fitted the organisation perfectly. It offered a similarly innovative concept around behaviour change and long-term health, accessible to all.

The programme was introduced this year and tested throughout the company’s three buildings and 200 staff around Nile Street in East London. Eight floors were involved in the largest programme Active Movement ever undertook, and, faced with a group of highly creative young people, its most challenging.

Even so, the programme changed the mindset of many. Non-sedentary behaviour became a way of life, with many actually creating their own makeshift stand-up desks to increase their standing. Processes in the office changed that improved cost-efficiency whilst increasing low-level activity. Walking meetings became commonplace and the some of the team challenges were highly competitive!