A comprehensive programme designed to engender behavioural change

The Active Movement Service

Behaviour change requires a consistent and comprehensive commitment to every client.

When subscribing to an Active Movement programme, every client accesses our senior personnel and complete programme.

Dr Mike Loosemoore

Dr Mike Loosemore


As co-designer of Active Movement, Dr Mike Loosemore brings outstanding expertise in exercise
in health from helping patients in his NHS practice to working with elite Olympians.

He also plays a key role in delivering Active Movement. He personally supervises the programme development and follows this up through a series of office visits, dedicated Active Movement clinics and communication.

He also completes the participation evaluation and analysis. As one of the leading authorities in his field, he brings unparalleled authority and experience to this pioneering concept.

This is a key part of Active Movement – our intervention is based on the powerful evidence, knowledge of our client’s needs and a detailed review of performance and results.

External recce

We analyse the geography, location, commuting, parking and walkways in your area.

Internal recce

We review the layout, environment, access, facilities, and amenities within your business.

Working practices

We get to know the culture, conditions, communication, co-ordination and facilities your staff enjoy.


Participant details

We ask for simple background data, attitudes to health and fitness, current movements, roles and job specifications. We also look to find onsite implementers to help us co-ordinate your programme.

Business objectives

We discuss your current commitment to health and fitness, rates of absenteeism, issues of presenteeism, communication processes and team ethos. This defines the key targets of the Active Movement programme.

Comprehensive briefing

We present to all participants the Active Movement concept to inform, enthuse and inspire participation. We supply comprehensive support complete with personal booklet and electronic references.


Tailored programme

We create a programme that is bespoke to your office, location, staff, environment and specific targets. You can select the number of individuals involved and the timelength from our minimum participation levels. Evaluation processes, office promotion and communication will be tailored to suit your needs. All participants receive their own programme plan.

Evaluation systems

Evaluation is vital to reassure and inspire. Different types of analysis gain a full understanding of the effectiveness. We have a choice of sensory devices to measure movements and review a bespoke questionnaire to assess health behaviour. Meetings with an outside researcher gauge satisfaction with the programme.
Note: all personal information is confidential.

Active Movement environment

We create an awareness backcloth to the Active Movement through educational, instructional and motivational communication to create a compelling working environment. Active Movement has a number of options to ensure we match your internal design, regulatory and safety parameters (including any company branding requirements).

Team building

We have designed Active Movement as not just a personal programme, but to promote dialogue between participants and joint activity. It is the perfect way of improving team morale and mutual support.

Constant coaching

We have dedicated staff for any participant to contact Active Movement to discuss the programme and its effectiveness, to raise concerns or to share comments and ideas for improvement.

Personal contact

We constantly remind and motivate participants through electronic and personal messaging with important programme dates, Active Movement news and briefings, press releases, events, key dates in the calendar etc.

Active Movement clinics

Dr Loosemore holds regular sessions to talk about the programme, your progress, queries, comments or great ideas.

Programme verification

We use a number of different methods to assess completion of many of the Special Movements from simple wall charts to touch screens.

Post-campaign review

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the Active Movement programme after 6 or 12 months to assess the impact on your business and to discuss continuing the programme.

Cost options

We recognise the importance of good value. The more comprehensive the programme and greater the recruitment, so the lower the individual cost. With larger projects the cost can be just £3 per individual/month or even less. We encourage participants to share the cost by contributing to the monthly payment or purchasing a sensor. Note in most cases, we set a minimum number of participants at 25 participants per programme, with a minimum time commitment of 6 months.

World authority

We have at its core Dr Mike Loosemore, one of the world’s leading authorities in Exercise in Health. He was personally involved in the creation of the Active Movement concept and plays a full part in the development and supervision of your programme.

A lifetime of learning

We can continue the Active Movement programme as you wish by extending its applications, content and activity levels. Equally, much of the programme can be taken into the home and shared with family and friends. Once you have been on the Active Movement programme, it will hold you in good stead for the rest of your life.



Additional services

Active Movement for Life

Although the programme is usually a 12 month commitment, we also recognise that behaviour can easily revert back. All the Active Movement programmes can be extended into additional years through programme upweight, increased individual support, the development of Active Movement offices and even special gym memberships.

We also offer you to stay with Active Movement even if your organisation company or school are no longer involved. Simply supply us with your email contact details and we will continue to send information, news and movements to inspire you for as long as you wish.


Active Movement Office

The Active Movement programme requires no other financial commitment than the cost of our recruitment. However, office equipment has been developed to enhance the Active Movement effect such as adjustable desks to encourage standing, treadmill desks for the more energetic or balance boards and inflatable balls as desk chairs to improve posture and back health. We can also advise on footwear.

Active Movement works alongside leading suppliers to design the Active Movement office, with a detailed plan, costing, timings and a full introduction to the equipment.

Active Movement Gym Membership

Active Movement aims to reduce your sedentary behaviour and add low-level activity to your life.

This may be enough for you – but you may also feel empowered to go on to more rigorous activity such as running or even joining a gym . Going to a gym can be intimidating for many, so Active Movement has developed a membership programme that is more empathetic with your needs.

Currently being trialled with Jubilee Hall Gym in Covent Garden, London, it is a more gradual introduction including 1 month’s free trial membership, discounted rate for subsequent months, free personal 1-2-1 induction including the low-intensity Active Movement programme plus a free follow-up session after 6 weeks. Active Movement stays with you throughout.

To find our more, email us today. For instant membership, contact Jubilee Hall Gym directly by calling Oliver Deen on 0207 395 4082.

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