Active Movement is an education

1 in 10 children starting primary school are obese rising to 1 in 4 at secondary school. Decreases in school PE time and access to playing fields mean only 16% of children play sport, the majority preferring to spend on average more than 6 hours a day in front of a screen.

Inactivity and obesity in the young will not be countered by short-term fads and political expediency but by embedding in all children from an early age the power of even low-level activity to protect their long-term well-being.

This is why Active Movement is different. Our focus is not on exercise regimens and diet, but establishing a behaviour and mindset that will last every child a lifetime.

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Teaching Active Movement

The Active Movement programme is designed to evolve with the children’s own mobility, communication, education and maturity. From nursery to secondary school, the programme constantly changes to educate and inspire children to reduce their sedentary behaviour and increase low-level activity as part of the home and school life.

Nursery staff and teachers participate in their own programme, not only for their personal well-being, but so their own experiences can help them better support and encourage the children.

Parents, too, are involved through briefings and homework to act as all-important role models.

Case Studies

Active Movement in Berkshire

From January 2016, two schools undertook the first active movement pilot to involve a number of schools in a single town. In partnership with West Berkshire Council and Get Berkshire Active, Park House School (the first national secondary school ever to take part) and The Winchcombe Reception and Primary school were introduced to the active movement for the Spring and Summer term.

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Active Movement in Haringey

The borough of Haringey represents a new challenge for active movement with one of the most diverse populations across ethnicity, deprivation and educational ability. So when active movement had the chance to work with Debbie Arrigon from Haringey public health to introduce the concept to a local primary school, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

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Active Movement in Essex

Active Movement was delighted to be invited by June to introduce the programme at one of her LEYF nurseries near Newbury Park in Essex. The programme began as of November with staff training taking place a few days before.

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Old School House Day Nursery in Stetchworth, Newmarket

This outstanding nursery was voted the 2014 Individual Nursery of the Year and with good reason. Its innovative and highly-focussed management, supported by its dedicated and talented nursery nurses have created an environment for 0-4 year olds that is stimulating, educational and rewarding.

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Abberley VC Parochial School

This innovative Worcestershire junior school saw the first introduction of Active Movement to a younger audience. Though the pupils are already very active, the school offered a chance to tailor a programme to apply across its age range of 5 – 11 year olds.

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