Every programme is built to match your business, location, office and personnel

How Active Movement Fits Your Needs

If Active Movement is to be effective as a behavoural programme then we need to personalise our programmes to those whose behaviour we are looking to change.

Whether a school, office block, care home, or call centre; youngster, administrator, financier or homeworker; old, inactive, disabled, or member of a gym; Active Movement is designed to adapt to the needs of each client.

In developing your Active Movement programme, we undertake 4 key stages:

Set Up

We complete a reconnaissance of one or more of your locations, its environment, a review of working practices and personnel. We also benchmark current activity and behaviour.


We develop and present an Active Movement programme tailored to fit your business and its personnel. These include daily movements, special movements and team programmes. This can be for a minimum of 25 people to your entire organisation and run for 6 months to a year and beyond.


We personally brief all staff from the beginning, with support material for the programme and its implementation. We maintain constant contact electronically on a daily basis, hold face-to-face site visits and special Active Movement clinics run by Dr Loosemore


Using a combination of behavioural questionnaires, focus groups, special movement measures and business objectives (such as reducing absenteeism and improving staff satisfaction), we gain a clear understanding of the effect of Active Movement. We also complete bespoke analyses, such as Mosaic approach for children.

How Active Movement Fits Your Budget

We want every business to get the most from Active Movement so we work with you to understand your key objectives. That means as well as healthier, happier staff, we can benefit your business through commercial gain, improved wellness measurements or better service levels.

At the same time, we also recognise the need to make our programme affordable to all those who wish to participate. We therefore set the template of costs to match the nature of the task. The comprises a single, initial set-up charge based on the number of locations involved. Then we calculate a monthly charge per participant to implement the programme over 8 or 12 months.

In every case, the depth of support and communication, the access to the Active Movement team, the quality of the programme and the comprehensive evaluation remains consistent across any size task.

We also offer an introductory First Movement programme over a shorter timeframe and highly reduced cost for those who wish to trial.

And, if you wish to undertake the programme yourself, we offer packages of support material and instructions.