Innovation in combatting children’s inactivity and obesity

Innovation in combatting children’s inactivity and obesity

Published on 07/09/2015

A behavioural perspective and practical solutions.

Speakers include Dr Mike Loosemore, Dr William Bird MBE, June O’Sullivan MBE, Linda Baston-Pitt

2pm – 6pm November 27th 2015, at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, 170 Tottenham Court Road, Central London

Tickets £75 per person

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The statistics about children’s well-being make uncomfortable reading. The long-term future for our children’s health is concerning government, local authorities and educational bodies alike, but the measures to counteract over-eating and under-activity still comprise of diet and exercise regimes that few follow.

At the same time. there is increasing evidence that long-term well-being is affected not simply by low levels of fitness. Our increasing sedentary behaviour is now a definitive health risk for all ages.

To counter this, it is time to consider a new approach that instills activity into children’s everyday routine – not for fitness today but as a behavioural norm that will protect them tomorrow.

Innovation in combatting inactivity and obesity, sponsored by Active Movement, is a conference dedicated to defining this new approach. Speakers such Dr William Bird, Linda Baston-Pitt and Dr Mike Loosemore will be revealing new thinking and practical solutions in the field of education, nutrition and behaviour covering the early years of children’s development.