Innovations In Combatting Children Inactivity And Obesity 2

Hear Professor Greg Whyte, June Sullivan MBE, Linda Baston-Pitt, Derek Peaple, Dr Mike Loosemore and others talk about their experiences with this growing problem.

10am - 4pm, Wednesday October 12th at ISEH, Central London. Tickets £60 (plus VAT)

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The Dangers Of Sitting

Our sedentary lifestyles are doing us terrible harm. After just 20 minutes of sitting, our bodies begin to shut down yet the average office worker spends over 6 hours each day at their desk.

That’s the same amount of time our children stare at screens every day.

Sitting down is now recognised as a separate health risk to lack of exercise and can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and even some cancers.

The Active Movement Effect

In this website, you will find impressive evidence about the enormous impact of reducing our sedentary behaviour and adding even low-level activity to our lives.

This is what Active Movement does. And in the process, you’ll think differently about yourself. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll feel happier, more energetic, more creative, more self-aware. No matter your age, physical ability or background, we can reshape your mindset to help re-energise your life.

The Active Movement Programme

Changing behaviour is tough. It requires time, encouragement and support. So throughout its 12 months, the Active Movement programme evolves from improving participant’s short-term health to embedding behaviour norms for their long-term well-being and lifestyle. We educate participants about the power of non-sedentary behaviour then inspire them to adopt it with movements integrated into daily routine. Specially designed communication, ongoing contact and constant reviews motivate and encourage all to maintain their efforts.

Active Media

Standing in schools

The Wright Stuff 18th Feb 2016 We were pleased to see a discussion on standing in schools on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 this week, a great chance to bring this important topic to a large audience.  In the discussion, Matthew Wright, his co-presenters and members of the audience highlight several points, such as […]

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The Active Movement Programme For Children

Every element of Active Movement programmes is designed to be empathetic with the audiences it inspires.

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The Active Movement Programme For Business

Active Movement aims to reduce your sedentary behaviour and add low-level activity to your life.

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